Fill up your heart by way of experience. Create stories though you mount up and down the mystical hills and the golden colors of sun kissing the trees. Folded away among heavy oak forests, Camps in Dhanaulti happens to be the most popular offbeat place in the proximity of Delhi. Learn More about the greenery and much more in Camp Little Jaguar that lies at the Heart of the Himalayas. We have 25 Swiss Luxury decks, attached washrooms with running water and additional tents for the corporate and larger groups. We provide 24hrs. Electricity with adequate back up facility too.

Our exciting Packages as a part of the camps in Dhanaulti cover:

Corporate Package

For corporates, here is Some good news from our end. We,at Camp Little Jaguar, welcome company workers while allowing them camp with a special adventure of exciting sports and adventure activities. Get rid of those boring well-planned holidays or planned & packaged tours, by availing our perfect nature camps in Dhanaulti because we promote”eco-tourism” and”back to nature”. Feel the endowments of character with the captivating and ravishing air here in Dhanaulti. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul to rejoin your daily company work life with added motivation and vigour.

Come to Camp Little Jaguar and participate with your fellow friends and batchmates as possible make new bondings and discuss minutes of fun and togetherness. Produce memories of your college days to remember and cherish forever .At Camp Little Jaguar, we’ve created particular adventure activities for hardy youths and the young and adventurous, guided by experts.

School Package

There Is some great news for schools too.We at Camp Little Jaguar offer fun college camping activities for kids where they could participate in trekking, dance, craft and art,games and even more. Thus our unique school package unites fun-telligent learning with a educational excursion for college pupils. In addition, we incorporate different exercises to engage the pupils in these educative sessions. A great break for school kids via this lovely, charming environment, acts as a breather for them and allows them feel beauty of character. Through such adventure-based activities, they’ll have the ability to inculcate new skills, work upon behavioural traits and also to build up powerful personality whilst taking pride and creating their parents and school proud with the”I DID IT” examples.

Family Packages

The Ideal way to Grow and nurture closed ties among the members of a household, Small Jaguar Camp gives you this golden opportunity to steal the breathtaking view of the Your children enjoying themselves freely with all the fun and frolic – are the very Essence of those moments that you will just relish during your camps in Dhanaulti.

So visit Dhanaulti and treat yourself and your family with this boundless beauty and calmness from camps In Dhanaulti this holiday.

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