Most of us women today have things that are usually found in our bags. We bring these things wherever we go. Things that we feel like we need it anytime, anywhere. Women, nowadays, are always prepared and should always be ‘on the go’. Most specifically, we should always stay fresh and beautiful even we already had a long day. As you may know, it is now usual to have an unplanned girl’s night out or a surprise dinner date. With the unexpected events and dates, here are the top 3 beauty gadgets I can’t live without.

Foreo Luna Mini

I always have my ‘Foreo Luna mini’ in my bag. Since it is a travel-sized compact, it is hassle-free to place it on your bag. It comes with a pouch, so it won’t be mixed up with my other stuff. I always bring this with me as this gives me a fresh look and a feel of relaxation. Whenever I feel like I am stressed, I just grabbed this gadget and wash my face. It has soft bristles for deep cleaning and keeps the face’s gentle skin. You just need to hold it tight since it is smaller than a regular compact and it might slip off your hands while washing your face. The vibration is a bit strong so just wipe it off to your face gently. This gadget also has an anti-aging massager. After washing your face, you can have a message for less than a minute for younger and vibrant skin. Just a small tip to always have a mini facial wash as you also need soap to clean this gadget. This is a rechargeable gadget so always bring the USB cord and a plug so this can be used anytime, anywhere.

Makeup Brushes

This beauty tool is very addictive and most of us own a lot of different kind of brushes. I always have a set of brushes in my bag as these brushes can help me match my look to my activity or event for the day. These brushes can help me blend even simple makeups and give me a stunning look. Makeup brushes can help you have a fresh look or a spectacular look for an event. Just choose the right brush for the makeup you are applying and always be creative.

Vodana Mini Flat Iron

As many people says, ‘hair is every woman’s crowning glory’ and this gadget will really help you to have a great look every single day. I emphasized ‘mini’ as this flat iron is easy to carry, and it fits in my usual bag size (medium tote bag). When choosing a flat iron it’s really important to research the product first, lot’s of websites test the hair straighteners. It also has an adorable design and comes with different colors. This can be handled easily and ready to use after a minute. This gadget will help you have different looks on different occasions. If I feel like a straight hair for an elegant dinner date, I will just iron my hair to a straight and shiny hair. If I am going on a party night and would be a hot party chic, then wavy hair will do. Just flip your hair in the iron so it can give you a wavy with volume hair. It has its own pouch so you can just put in your bag without any worries.

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