Custom-made cars, custom-made houses, custom-made dresses all make perfect sense but what about custom-made skincare products? Sounds like a huge shot from reality, doesn’t it? Sounds like something straight from the future with flying cars and robots dominating the earth. Not really, it’s happening now. As unbelievable as it sounds, personalized skincare products are a real thing and it’s taking over the beauty industry. Bespoke beauty products are something that has been sought after for ages. People have different skins and different skin-related issues. A solution that might work for one skin type might as well be completely useless for the other. This is where tailor made skincare comes in handy. And when so many different types of skin and skin-related issues exist, one beauty standard is simply not enough.

Let’s take for example a common skin problem; acne. To tackle it, a bespoke product will be designed according to your needs to nip the issue out of the bud and ensure that a breakout does not occur again. Meanwhile, when it comes to a standard product, you just hope for the best that its ingredients are coherent with your problem. Else-wise you keep on paying up with little to no improvement. Similarly when you talk about skin problems on a large scale. Tailor made skincare is not only the solution but the need of the hour and most importantly a technological marvel.

According to Janet Pardo who serves as the senior Vice President of global product development at Clinique;

“Technology permits us to customize so much now, and so the expectation is changing for more items and experiences to be personalized, including beauty.”

For anyone that has had a rough history with skin related issues, the struggle for finding the right product is real. Some products are too rough on the skin. Some products dull the skin. And the biggest issue of all is post-treatment side effects that furthermore increase the dependence on more of such products. So in a way, standard skincare products are a loophole and a huge gamble.

Similarly, the environment plays a crucial role in deciding the effect of a product on a users skin. A skincare product made in the West will not be as effective on the Eastern subjects as compared to the Western subjects. Primarily due to a huge difference in climate and other environmental conditions. If no two individuals are the same then why should a product be the same? Zahir Dossa who is the Co-founder and CEO of function of beauty shared his frustration in an interview, with the beauty industry quoting that it had generically segmented people into categories and made people believe superficial standards of beauty.


Everyone has different skin types and even within those types exist a significant variation. Consider it a type within a type. To say, one product is enough to fill the needs of users is like saying one medicine is the cure to all health issues. It simply does not work that way. Tailor made skincare is the ultimate solution to different skin issues faced by different people and in a world of customization. It is without a doubt that customized skincare products are the future of the beauty industry.
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