Getting your website up and running is one thing, gaining actual money from it? That’s another thing. This is an understandable consideration especially because many people have little to no experience in running web businesses.

Buying a website for profit is easier said than done. Your goal when you got one is to make thousands or tens of thousands each month. To achieve this, you need more than just dreams, but actionable plans. Here are a couple of tips you can use to start monetizing your website.


This is the most basic form of monetization for online businesses. Visitors come, they see a relevant and interesting ad on your site, they click on it, and you get paid. This can be very easy to set up, but ads aren’t the most effective way to monetize a site.

You must have good traffic to get returns from your ads. The best and easiest way to start getting ads is via Google AdSense, which is free and easy to setup. Ads can be added in the header, sidebar, in-content, etc.

You can also skip the networks and brokers and directly connect with advertisers for a private ad sale. Whatever the case, you need traffic so that you get negotiating power. The next thing to do is charge a fixed amount monthly to place their ads on your site.

Paid Content

This method gets you money by allowing other sites to publish their content on your site. Here you accept guest posts and charging people for it. It could be a third party, an advertiser, or an influencer who will write a post for your site for your readers to see and potentially use to find out more about the topic or author.

Of course, you’ll also need a decent amount of traffic before you can begin advertising this service and charging people to publish their content on your site. You won’t get people to pay you if their post is only going to be seen by several people.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a kind of advertising where you promote someone else’s products, except you are allowed to pick which products you want to promote. It’s very easy to get started as an affiliate marketer by going to sites like Share a Sale, Commission Junction, or ClickBank to find existing products. You can then sign up as an affiliate and get custom affiliate links.


This classic business model is now widespread because of social media and simple websites. Providers aren’t restricted to finding clients in their locality. These days you can provide services to people in Australia while sipping coconut juice on a beach in The Philippines.

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Popular services include web design, web development, content writing, online marketing to name a few. Services about any niche are possible. Take advantage of your website’s existing readership and create tailor-made services for them. This can potentially generate more clients.


This is a service where you trade your time for money. Say you have an online marketing service, you can be an online marketing consultation by setting up a meeting with someone on Skype and creating a custom marketing strategy, which the clients can implement themselves.

These are just some of the many possible methods you can do to monetize your website. Still looking for a web developer, website builder or a cheap web hosting for your future website? Be careful only to commit with proven and user-trusted providers like Crazy Domains, which offer professionally-built websites and a user-friendly website builder as well as a cheap web hosting solution for your site. Now it’s time for application.
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