Now that winter is coming to an end and the weather is warming up, some e-cigarette users might be wondering how to maintain their e-liquid and device during hot days and balmy weather. Heat can impact on the functionality of your device or affect the integrity of your e-liquids –you might find that your e-juice has become sticky and unusable or evaporated after being left out on a hot day.

Never fear, we’re here with some great tips for keeping everything in working order during the hotter months of the year. Read on below to find out more:

Keep e-juice and batteries out of the sun

The most important thing to remember during the warmer months of the year is that you should never leave your e-liquids or batteries exposed to the sun or high heat for extended periods of time. Avoid leaving your e-cig in the car or outside for example. Leaving your e-juice in the sun will likely result in it turning into a sticky mess. The heat has the ability to break down the molecular structure of your e-juice which can change its colour and viscosity. A day in the sun might leave you with unpleasant, brown coloured goo that will be totally unusable in your e-cig device. Unfortunately, once degradation has begun, there’s no saving your e-juice and you’ll have to throw it away, so remember to bring your device inside with you and store it in a cool, dry place.

The lithium ion batteries in your e-cig device can also be a concern when exposed to high heat – it’s actually possible for them to explode when exposed to high heat, which could damage your whole device and possible even start a fire. Keep them safe in a cool place or store them in a protective case when travelling to avoid any potential damage.

Do your research before travelling

Many people will go on holidays as spring or summer roll around, but it’s important to do your research before travelling, especially if you plan to go overseas. Many countries have laws about importing e-cig device and e-juices and there may be penalties or fines involved if they are banned, so make sure you check before packing it into your luggage. Even when countries don’t specifically ban them, your airline might as some carriers have rules around the lithium ion batteries contained in your device and they may not let your board with it as a carry one. If you’re looking at staying at a hotel or holiday rental then you might also expect that they might have some rules about smoking and vaping on the property, it’s good to check if vaping is okay beforehand, otherwise, you might find yourself to be an unwelcome guest!

Keep your e-cig out of the water

If you’re planning to spend the warmer days by the pool or at the beach, make sure you bring a protective case for your e-cig and keep it well away from the water. Being submerged in water will damage your electronic cigarette and e-juice. Water will likely kill your battery, stop your wick from working and may put your device permanently out of commission. Avoid any trouble by packing it safely away when swimming!

Keep it in a cool dry place

Neither extreme heat or extreme cold are good for your vape pen. If you need to travel, choose a relatively watertight, dark, cool space to store your e-cigarette. Such as the boot of your car, a safe spot in your suitcase or in a sealed bag. Don’t keep it in the fridge or freezer as this will ruin your e-juice and the internal components of your device.
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