The e-liquid industry is expanding with the increasing trend of vaping. Thousands of new flavors are introduced every year. However, only a few get popularity and approval for their tastes. Like smokers, Vapers also admire certain flavors and brands. And most vapers like to buy their favorite e-liquids in bulk. They buy Cheap E-liquid flavors on sales and want to cherish them longer. However, storing liquids is a difficult task.

Why Storing E-liquids is Difficult?

Though e-liquids have chemical makeup, they are perishable. These usually have a longer lifespan but their taste can change. You will have a bitter vaping experience if your e-liquid breaks down. It means that you have to store them properly just like food. The simple solution is to store them in a dark cold place.

Factors to Consider

There are certain factors that you must consider before storing your e-liquid.


Heat can greatly affect e-liquids. It can decay them or alter their flavor by disturbing the molecular behavior. So, try to keep your e-liquids at room temperature. Storing them in a cold area is a better idea.

Many vapers store their liquids in freezers. The juices become thicker but don’t freeze solid. Warm the juice a little or keep it at room temperature before using it.

Light and Air

Light and air also affect e-liquids badly, particularly the nicotine. These factors cause oxidation which then causes nicotine to breakdown. The color of nicotine may also turn brown. Air also gets trapped in the liquid when you open and close the bottle. Tobacco or coffee flavors go through this change more easily.

Storing the juices in dark places or inside cupboards is good. This way you can preserve the nicotine and keep their taste fresh.

How to Store the E-liquids

Now that you know about the factors, let’s discuss the proper way to store your e-liquids. You should keep 3 factors in mind while storing your juices.

Seal the Bottle

We know that air is an enemy to e-liquids. To avoid air disturbance, ensure that your favorite juices are tightly sealed. If you are transferring the liquid, make certain that you are not allowing air to slip in. A frequent transfer may also cause air degradation.

It is wise to save liquids in some smaller bottles. This way you can use the liquid without deteriorating their taste. You can refill these small bottles from the larger ones. Thus, larger bottles will have less exposure and minimum risk.

Store in Glass

You can use plastic bottles and jars to store the juices. But these are not a better option for long-term storage. Glass is a superior material than plastic to store e-liquids. Though plastic is a good material for storage, air could pass through it. It is a permeable material and not good for storing liquids for more than a few months.

Plastic can also interact with the juices, especially if there is some heat. As a result, the taste can change because of bottle leaching and chemical changes.

Storage Spot

You need an adequate place to preserve the e-liquid and keep it fresh. For a longer time, a refrigerator is an ideal place. However, a drawer, cupboard or box is also a good storage spot. You need a relatively cool dark place where your e-liquids can stay dry. Moreover, you should pick a place that is not easy to forget. It’s because average storage time for e-liquids is around 2 years.
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