Having a destination wedding means you are getting two for one. You are getting an intimate ceremony and basically a mini honeymoon. Before you start rushing off to a foreign destination to get married, you have a lot of important things you need to consider before you start planning your destination wedding. Here are some tips on how you can plan your perfect destination wedding.

Envision Your Big Day

Before you start planning your destination wedding, you should think about would you like to be on a beach, in a big city or the woods. The next thing you need to consider is your budget and the guest list. You need to envision the whole wedding ceremony with all the guests to get the whole picture.

Pick a Meaningful Location

When you are picking your destination you have to research to find out if the destination has all the resources that you need. There are so many amazing locations that are too far from any form of accommodation or civilisation. Keep in mind that some countries have odd wedding laws. Some of them require that the people who are getting married have been in the country for some time. In some cases, it is as extreme as having to take blood tests and having parental permission.

Therefore, do your research on the destination so you happen to encounter any confusing laws that will prevent you from getting married.

Plan Everything in Advance

Because you are so excited to find your perfect destination you will want to hurry with the planning process, but in order to have a perfect destination wedding, you need to start looking at least 18 months before your actual wedding date. Destination weddings can be tough for your family and friends to make without knowing ahead of time because some of your dearests will need time to calculate if they can afford to travel to be at your ceremony. Send out your invitations as soon as you confirm the wedding day to make it easier for everyone that is invited.

Embrace your Setting to Save

Because destination weddings are so expensive you need to look for ways to save up. For example, if you are having your wedding in Brisbane you can drastically down your decor budget by getting a flower delivery from Brisbane instead of shipping fancy decorations from where you live. You are not only saving money, but you are also supporting their local businesses during your ceremony.

Think About Your Guestlist

It is important that you put every one of your guest in one reasonably priced hotel or accommodation. Only offer to pay for close family or someone you want to come but you know that they don’t have the money to. Also, don’t set the date if you have the arrangements all figured out.

Hire A Local Wedding Planner

When you are having a destination wedding, it is strongly advised to hire a wedding planner that is local to your chosen destination. This will benefit you in many ways and save you from a lot of stressing out. This is a great option because they will look at the venues in person, they will help you get a better deal with the local photographers, florists, makeup artists, caterers and so much more. Your wedding planner will also provide you with first-hand information about their customs and laws.

Instead of wasting your time and nerves in phone calls, e-mails and video calls with the vendors, they will deal with them in person and figure it all out.

Your wedding planner will help you reserve the best venue on the best date. In most cases, they will help you organise hotel rooms for your guests, and if needed provide them with tips for navigating through local transportation. They will probably suggest because you are coming to a foreign country that you have your wedding at the resort or hotel that you are all staying in so you can all stay onsite and possible get some discounts.

If you don’t like that idea and you want to bring a specialist from where you live, it will be expected of you to cover their travel and lodging expenses. They will require a nice, clean hotel that is not more than 30 minutes away from the venue. You need to negotiate these things before the trips so things don’t go out of hand,

Show Your Gratitude For The Guests Who Came

Make your guests welcoming bags. Fill the bags up with things that are influenced by your destination. If you are having your wedding on a beach, make a bag that has sunscreen, flip flops, hats and Aloe Vera gel. But if you are having a colder water wedding, make a goodie bag filled with hot chocolate, tea and blankets.

A gift from the heart will make your guests get in the spirit easily. Because many guests will stay for an extra few days after the wedding it is good to plan some fun activities like hikes, yoga classes, spa days or dinners so you can all relax and enjoy your time there.

Pick Your Wedding Dress to fit in with the Destination

If you are having your wedding in a hot and humid location you should choose your wedding dress that is made out of light, breathable fabric. But if you are going somewhere that is cold go for more heavy and warm fabrics.

Pick The Right Time

You have to research the destination before you pick the date, you don’t want your season to be in the middle of a rainy season. It is better to look into the local weather and see what is going on and choose a date that will have the perfect weather that not doing the research. Also if you don’t like crowds, pick your date to be on an off season when there are no tourists.

In the end, all that is important is that you get to marry the person that you love. Locations, weather and decorations are not that important. Don’t stress, relax and enjoy the moment because it will go by very fast.
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