Through Cooking Education: How Commercial Induction Is Transforming The Face Of Chefs In Kitchens?

With the advent of technology, the food and restaurant industry has seen massive advancements. From online order management software to cooking methods, everything is being reshaped for good. Induction cooking is one such development.

Induction cooking involves cooking the food over an induction cooktop that operates via a magnetic field. This magnetic field is generated by the copper wires that are installed beneath it. These wires produce heat directly inside induction cooking-specific utensils. As a result, the food is cooked in less time.

Induction cooking is being adapted in many domestic and commercial settings across the world. Whether the customer is a simple stay-at-home chef or a commercial restaurant owner, everyone is reaping the benefits of this technology. In order to meet the rising demands of induction cooking ware, many induction cooker manufacturer companies have ventured into the cooking ware market.

Induction Cooking for Commercial Use

Despite the confident installation by the domestic customers, there are still some hints of low confidence in the commercial cooks and professional chefs when it comes down to resort to this method of cooking. There are two main reasons why professional chefs and restaurant owners harbor doubts about commercial induction cookers and tops in their heads.; the fragility of the new induction hobs and stoves and the cost.

However, the use of commercial induction is playing a vital role in the commercial food industry, thanks to the wide array of benefits it is associated with.


The belief that the induction stoves are fragile is false. All such assumptions and rumors are quieted down when one talks to the industry experts who have introduced and have been using induction cooking tops for years now.

According to the experts, induction cooking tops are made out of material strong enough to support the heavy amount of food being cooked in restaurants and do not succumb to the pressures of temperature or to the weight of the food in the utensils.

Greater Capacity

Commercial induction cooker has a flat bottom which makes it easier for them to carry large amounts of food in them without exerting too much pressure on the stovetop. This allows cooking of large volumes of food perfectly in lesser time.


According to the food and restaurant industry experts, commercial induction is a fast and efficient way of cooking huge amounts and can be easily installed in commercial settings too. This helps chefs entertain larger crowds of customers with a lot more efficiency and a lot less hassle.


Price is a very important and sensitive matter when it comes down to installing induction hobs and stoves on a commercial level in a restaurant. As a general perception, installing induction hobs and stoves would involve not only adopting the new stoves but also getting rid of old gas or electric stoves. Although induction cooking ware and cooking tops are pricier than the traditional cooking equipment, what many people don’t realize is that they actually help save money in the long run. The benefits of induction cooking include conservation of energy which leads to saving the cost of energy utilized in case of gas stoves and traditional electric cooking tops.


Induction cooking is an environment-friendly option that food and restaurant industry professionals must consider very seriously under the light of a recent rise in climate change and its impact on human lives.


The commercial induction stoves do not heat up like the traditional gas stoves. They are only hot in places marked for the utensils to be placed on, thus saving a lot of burns and being completely safe to be used even while turned on.

The concept of induction cooking is still new and is not as widespread just yet. For people who have already switched to this method of cooking, it has transformed their face in the kitchen drastically, making cooking for huge crowds a lot simpler and quicker.

Cooking Education

As for the people who are still reluctant to accept this new technological advancement, the right campaigns, educational seminars, training, advertisements, and frequent interactions with industry-leading professionals who have already adapted to it can turn the tables in no time!

Cooking education is the key to enabling people to switch to induction cooking. Exposure to real-life stories from renowned chefs and professionals and how it has helped them get better and grow bigger would provide much-needed encouragement.

Induction cooking has made the lives of professional chefs convenient. With little to no heat, their kitchens have become a more comfortable place to work in, their efficiency has soared with reduced cooking time and above all, their customers are happy with the quick service they are getting.

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