Congratulations! You are halfway there. Your baby has completed 20 weeks and stepped into the 21st week of pregnancy. This means it’s your 5th month of pregnancy. Isn’t it marvellous? Let us take the opportunity to discuss 21st week pregnancy.

This pregnancy week is going to be one of the most enjoyable weeks of your pregnancy.

He/she will start looking more like a baby you are going to meet after delivery. Your baby is growing hair. His or her weight will be around 350g. He will be as long as a carrot. Measuring from crown to heel, the baby will be close to 8 ½ inches (21.6 cm) long. The baby will start to hear around now. He can hear your voice and the voices of people around you.

The mother may experience the baby moving around and swallowing amniotic fluid. His/her eyelids have grown 21st week of pregnancy.

At this phase of pregnancy, the baby will get into the pattern of sleeping and waking, which could be different from your sleeping time. This means when you are on your bed and about to sleep, your baby may be awake and moving.

Not yet completely developed, but your baby has started practising breathing movements to make itself ready for life outside the womb.

Mom in 21st Week pregnancy

Now your belly will start growing, which means you will begin to look pregnant. Do you want to feel your baby? Yes? Place your fingers about a half-inch below your belly button, you will be able to feel your uterus. At the 21st week of pregnancy, the majority of the people will be able to realise that you are expecting.

21st week pregnancy, your appetite may increase. You will feel hungrier than before. But make sure you eat only good, nutritious food. Try to focus on a sensible, balanced diet, without neglecting the food you should avoid.

Not in every case, but the mother may start getting stretch marks. Mothers should start using suitable products to avoid stretch marks. These stretch marks may appear on the mother’s stomach, breasts, and thighs. Initially, they look red and then they tend to fade into a silvery grey colour.

The mother may also get some acne but no need to worry. They will be fine once the pregnancy period is over. Also, the mother may experience some aches and pains in the lower back, which is quite common during this week.

Always consult your doctor if you experience vaginal bleeding or severe itching. During the pregnancy, you can’t afford to ignore any serious symptoms.

Things to Remember

The whole pregnancy journey is very sensitive. So you need to be more careful than before. You can’t ignore any abnormal changes or symptoms in your body. Here are some tips to make your pregnancy smooth and easy:

  • Drink as much water as you can. At least 6-8 glasses of water each day without any additives.
  • After urinating, wipe from the front toward the back.
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitted clothes.
  • Wear all-cotton or cotton-crotch underwear and pantyhose.
  • Take a proper and balanced diet.
  • Urinate before and after intercourse.

Never avoid your medication. Do consult with your gynecologist in case of any emergency or unexpected changes in your body.
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