We are born intuitive. People are born with a sense of awareness, with a voice that speaks to us. It’s the voice that tells us whether we should do something or not. This voice can be described as our conscience.

  • It’s the shiver we feel going up our spine. 
  • It’s the churning in the pit of our stomach when something doesn’t feel right.
  • It’s the subtle voice in our soul guiding us to the path we belong on.
  • This voice is God showing us our path to our life’s purpose.

When we hear these voices, we have two options. We can either listen and follow, or we can hold back and say, “Not right now.” When we do the latter, we are betraying ourselves. We are not allowing ourselves the potential to grow and blossom into our destinies. We are fighting the universe and not believing in our life’s purpose.

The truth is, life is simple. In fact, it’s so simple that our minds deceive us and imagine ways to make it more difficult. It convinces us that there’s a catch to everything. Our imagination convinces us that for a situation to be another path in our life, we must have already asked for an answer.

Our intuition should not be confused with the idea that we need to wait for a sign. When we get caught up in waiting for God to speak to us, we miss everything that he is saying.

  • Yes, he might be hard to hear sometimes.
  • Yes, we might have to pay more attention to our intuition.
  • Yes, we might need to do more exercises to clear our minds.

But God has already been talking to us, and God has already given us the answers. The truth is we just haven’t been aware of it.
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