Having a pool in your backyard is everything you’d hoped it would be and more. It has brought you countless years of happiness and fun for the entire family. However, as with anything else in life, it’s time to give your pool some upgrades to help it keep up with the times. If this is your first round of upgrades since buying the pool, it can be hard to know what that looks like. How can you integrate current trends into your home swimming pool?

Here are several pool upgrades that you’ll want to consider as you look to make improvements.

1. Proper Rope Coating

Bet you didn’t expect that to be an upgrade that’s mentioned on this list. While most people overlook it, the quality of your equipment speaks to the quality of your pool. In other words, you could have the finest pool in the neighborhood, but one worn-out rope or buoy in your pool brings the image of the entire pool down. Any ropes or buoys you have in your pool will age poorly from the constant exposure to heat and humidity. Invest in the fiberlock series to set yourself equipment up with a coating that will keep its shine far longer!

2. Pool Seats

Maybe your family is in that phase of life where the kids have grown up a bit and it’s time to start viewing your pool as more of an adult party spot than a family fun spot. If so, there’s possibly no better addition to make to your pool than pool seating. No pool party is complete without a refreshing cocktail in your hand, but how can you fully enjoy it if you have to get out of the pool to get it?

Install in-pool seats so that you and your guests can enjoy cold drinks while staying in on the conversation at the pool, where the real party is going on.

3. Heat Pumps

One of the most overlooked aspects to those that initially purchase and install a pool in their backyard is not including a heat pump. By not including a heat pump, you’re minimizing the number of months and weeks that you’ll be able to use your pool. The lack of heat will force you to shut it down far earlier than you like to, and possibly open it up much later as well. There have never been more energy-efficient ways for a heat pump to warm up the pool without compromising your energy bill. Now you and the family will be able to create many more memories in the pool for a longer portion of the year.

4. LED Lights

Gone are the days of being limited to only one shade and color of pool lighting. Now you have LED lighting as an option for the entire length of your pool. However, the options and possibilities don’t stop there. The LED alternative gives you a much more eco-friendly option for those pool parties that extend into the night.

It also gives you the opportunity to have different shades and colors of lighting than what you’re used to. Give your pool a jaw-dropping look at night that’s perfect for setting the tone of the party. There are even options to integrate smart lighting in your pool which can be paired with an app on your phone. From there, you can do things such as switch the lighting’s color and shade with the simple press of a button.

5. Water Features

If you’re looking to take your ordinary-looking pool and make it appear much more advanced and sophisticated, there are several ways to do that. However, no way is more efficient than adding a water feature such as a pool fountain, rock waterfall, or subtle waterfall onto the design. It won’t require much more energy than the pool already needs.

These features also kill the dead silence that can intrude on finding peace. Whether you’re at the pool by yourself and trying to tune out the neighborhood or holding a party, the waterfall adds motion and subtle noise in the background.

6. Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pools are becoming more and more of a common trend among today’s pool owners and for good reason. Not only does it make you feel as if you’re swimming in the ocean, but it’s also far less harmful on your eyes and skin that a chlorine-filled pool. Granted, there will still be some chlorine in your saltwater pool if you make the switch in order to achieve the necessary chemical balance. However, the saltwater aspect brings a healthier alternative to your family’s usage over time.

7. Solar Cover

If you don’t already have a solar cover for your pool, these are a must-get for the upcoming pool season. Don’t you hate opening up the pool for the spring but having no one brave enough to endure the cold water. This means waiting several weeks for the pool to be warm enough to enjoy.

Solar covers help warm up your pool faster by absorbing and keeping the heat inside your pool. It also lowers the energy bill for your pool heater. Either way, it’s a cost-effective way to warm up your pool and keep it swimmer-ready for whenever you want to dive in!

Create the Home Swimming Pool of Your Dreams!

Now that you’ve seen several ways that you can upgrade your pool, it’s time to achieve the home swimming pool you’ve always wanted. Mixing in a few budget-friendly upgrades with one or two of the pricier ones will create a pool that’s almost unrecognizable from your current set up.

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