Let’s start from wishing you safe delivery at the end of the nine months. However, sleep can be elusive to a pregnant woman due to several reasons which could be annoying. In this article, we would be sharing with you six tips that would help you sleep well at night without having to wake up now and then. Some of the reasons for elusive sleep include having to go to the restroom regularly during your sleep which is mostly caused by having too much fluid in your body system before going to be or having regular heart burns which might be caused by eating spicy or heavy food before going to bed. Below are a few tips that would help you sleep well as a pregnant lady and help your rest both your body and the fetus in you.

1. Take in enough fluid

Every pregnant woman must stay hydrated by taking in water and other fluids that do not have adverse after-effects like drinks with caffeine. As much as it is vital to remain hydrated throughout the day, it is also essential to avoid taking too many fluids toward the evening/night period. This is to minimize frequent visits to the restroom to ease herself. “Consuming a large amount of water combined with the pressure from the fetus would result in constant need to visit the toilet, which reduces the sleep duration of a pregnant woman. To avoid this problem while carrying a baby, drink more during the day and less towards bedtime.

2. Avoid spicy and heavy food.

Heartburn and indigestion are mostly caused by eating heavy food and spicy food for dinner. Eating spicy and heavy meals before bedtime increases the chances and possibility of having indigestion and heartburns at night, which makes it hard to sleep well at night. If you have to eat before bed, then your best bet is to take a few snacks before going to bed. Should in case you experience heartburn you should sleep with your head elevated on pillows. 

3. Exercise regularly

Except when you were advised by the doctors to restrain from exercise, you must have at least 30 minutes exercise session. These sessions help blood circulation, improve your mood, and helps you fall asleep easily at night. Exercise also reduces the risk of having leg cramps. Studies show that active women tend to sleep better than those who don’t exercise, and they give birth to healthy babies at childbirth.

When exercising, it is essential to make sure you do not carry out your exercise close to your bedtime. The reason has been that more adrenaline is released to the body when you exercise your body and doesn’t allow you to sleep at night. The exercises differ from each other, and it ranges from taking a walk outside to going to the gym or partaking in yoga sessions whichever is most appropriate for you should give you the benefit to be enjoyed when to exercise regularly.

4. Make use of pillows

Using pillows and cushion while sleeping would help a pregnant woman sleep comfortably and peacefully. A pregnant woman is meant to invest in special pillows to help with the comfort at nighttime.” One pillow tip to reduce back pain is to lie on your left side and place pillows between your knees, behind your back, and under your abdomen. A perfect alternative for the special pillows are the ordinary regular pillows and cushions,”says Linda Jones,a sleep expert at Mattress1000.

5. Sleeping on the left side

After 20 weeks of your pregnancy, it is advisable to sleep on your left side. This position helps in the circulation of blood, optimization of oxygen and nutrients that flow to the fetus growing and breathing in your stomach. We are not saying that this is the best position to sleep, but it is just the advisable position for any pregnant woman. Lying on your back could cause the weight of your growing uterus to press on one of the arteries that supply blood to the lower body from the heart. Other problems of sleeping on your back include dizziness, backaches, and makes haemorrhoids worse.

6. Wear loose nightwear

To sleep comfortably at night, it is beneficial that pregnant women slip into loose nightwear before heading to bed. Avoid wearing tight clothes to bed to aid blood circulation and allow for comfort while sleeping. Stick with breathable cotton fabric which would help you get comfortable while you sleep.
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