Every human being goes through certain life problems, physical or mental. These problems always become severe due to lack of awareness which leads to delays in a cure. Moreover, these days the primary millennial idea has been to emphasize deeply into the causes of mental illnesses and their treatments but amidst all of this, a few other important issues go unresolved, either due to ignorance or due to fear of embarrassment.

One such issue is sexual problems faced by men due to certain physical discrepancies. Moreover, it is because of the age-old mindset that men feel shy to come out in the open and talk. This notion makes it impossible to reckon the problems, let alone treat them. Yet, every man should be aware of the various types of bodily dysfunctions, just as a precaution to make you see yourself in a more holistic way:

Cardiovascular Concerns

If you are having trouble in libido or erections, especially when you can’t figure out why it is happening in the first place, there are high chances that you are suffering from heart-related issues. It can be hormonal imbalance or prostate cancer leading to changes in your sexual experiences.

Moreover, diabetes or nerve damage is also recognized as a major cause of various sexual problems. In such cases, having an entire body medical routine check and contacting a trusted sexologist is a good approach to finding the root cause behind your sexual problems like Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. The diagnosis of critical and life-threatening diseases is scary and a healthy discussion with your partner without any filter will not help you deal with the stress but also help you in quick recovery.

Mental Health

We discussed the rising awareness of mental health which also is crucial as a mental state of mind directly correlates to the state of a man’s sexual life. A negative state of mind might impact sexual tendencies while many psychiatric medicines (strong dosage) can also lead to low libido or ejaculation problems among middle-aged men.

Infact, mental health is a priority for anything that you do in life, especially if you want to achieve success or perform well. An unfiltered discussion with your doctor can prove to be a good start in solving the issue where any medications with extreme side effects can be replaced with therapy or counseling. There are also various relaxation techniques, depression management systems and behavioural therapy classes available to help you do better.


As a man, there are certain benchmark age numbers post which your entire hormonal system changes. A few teenage years when you have a growth spurt, a year when you grow a weird beard and the year you get married. It is all a cycle of age and the journey of life. Moreover, as a man, your sexual function, likeability, and energy will change as your age. However, these changes are gradual and can be turned around via sex therapy.

The only alarm here is a deep diagnosis for any early or dramatic dysfunctions that is being problematic for your sexual life, which will require further medical attention. Someone did say that age is just a number, isn’t it? But in case of your sexual problems, it is a very important number. Many men even start getting routine checks and take therapy early in their life cycle to avoid any dysfunctions as they grow older.

Standard Health

A man who is fit in real life is said to be fit in bed as well. Ensuring you eat well, exercise and keep yourself in good health can prove to be positive for your sexual health. Apart from that, good stamina, hormonal balance, and positive mental well-being is a must for improvement in any sexual problem.

Moreover, happiness has a strange impact on all the aspects of your life – physical, emotional or sexual. So, find a work-life balance, go for a walk, spend time with your partner and eat home-cooked meals instead of junk grit. All of this will lead to a drastic improvement not only in your sexual life but also in your overall health.

There are many sexual health programs that you can plug into where experts, not only advice some home-remedies but also give you some tips to implement in your sexual life. Don’t be scared to talk about it, take medicines if needed and ensure that you have full control of your health.

Being a man doesn’t mean that you cannot have problems or have to hide them. The best part is that now you know about the causes of your sexual problems and can figure out what to do next. It isn’t always that you have a lack of desire or have a low sex drive, maybe it is just a bodily dysfunction that needs medication.
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