Nowadays, online retailers offer different discounts and promos to attract more customers to shop in their virtual stores. They would provide discounted items through online coupons or slash off the shipping fee to lessen the amount that you need to pay while buying your essentials online. Even established department stores like Neiman Marcus also have these promotions in their online shops. One of their popular offerings is the last call free shipping coupon for their low-cost items. But do you know that you can still get more discounts? Just follow these tricks to slash more dollars off from your total bill during your next online shopping spree

Who would have thought that you can still practice your haggling power online? To get more discounts, place an item that you want to buy in your online shopping cart and let it stay there for several days. Since most retailers want you to make a purchase, they will reach out to you by sending you a coupon with an offer to buy the item with more significant discounts. You need to have an account on the retailer’s website and make sure that you log in before leaving pieces in your shopping cart.  

Follow Their Social Media Accounts

Since almost everyone and everything is on social media nowadays, you can look for your favorite online retailers on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to follow them. It can allow you to know more about their offerings and get the first dibs on their latest promos. Most of the time, followers get rewarded with exclusive promos or access to their significant sites before announcing it to the public. 

Be Part Of Their Mailing List 

Retailers like Neiman Marcus send out coupons regularly to those who signed up for email alerts from their stores. Offers like the last call free shipping coupon may come up in the contents of the emails sent to the members of their mailing list. Other stores also provide an outright discount just by being a part of their email contacts. You may also sign up for the email list of your favorite store’s competitors so you can compare deals and find out where you can get the most significant discounts. 

Learn How To Strategize When Using Multiple Coupons

Some online retailers allow multiple coupons when checking out all your purchases. But it would help if you had a good strategy when using these coupons since you can only get the most savings when done in the right order. For example, you have a 20 percent off code and a 15 percent off code. You need to use the 20 percent off first to get the 20 percent discount on the actual price of your purchase.  

Extend Your Coupon Code Validity

You can reach out to your online retailer’s customer service if the coupon that you intend to use has already expired. This tip can come in handy if you already forgot about a particular coupon sent through your email. All stores want you to buy anything from their company, which is why they can allow you to prolong the validity of your coupon code as long as you will purchase from them. Just ask the customer service representative nicely, and they will give in to your request. 

These are just a few of the smartest online shopping tricks that you can follow to save more money when shopping. These tried and tested ways can provide you with more significant discounts on top of their promos. 
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