Being in a relationship can help you grow together with your partner and learn some new truths about loving and caring for someone. Still, due to some preconceived and outdated notions, there is a lot of misunderstanding about what a relationship should be like. Some of these old ideas can indeed be arousing and make you feel all tingly, but in the long run, they can be really stressful and soul-sucking. It’s important to mention that relationships take time and effort, so if you’re looking to work on your relationship, here are some suggestions that will help you create a strong and healthy bond with your partner:

Regular communication can save your relationship

Some topics might be uncomfortable to discuss, while others can be downright unpleasant. Still, once you learn to talk openly with your partner, you’ll also see that your relationship will take a whole new turn. Just because some subjects might be difficult (ex-partners, mental health problems, family issues etc.), that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from them. Confiding to your partner will help them get close to you, which will further strengthen your bond. 

Listen to each other when things get tough

Communicating is crucial, but listening can take your relationship on a whole different level, because sometimes, we need to be listened and heard, more than anything else. So, next time your partner feels stressed or a bit annoyed at something, it might be better to just listen to them, rather than jumping to offering advice. Listening without speaking, while also doing your best to understand can be a wonderful way to show your partner that you care. Of course, if they ask you for your input, be sure to help them out, but until then, make sure to listen with kindness and empathy.

Respect each other’s boundaries

This one is a must if you want to build a healthy and strong relationship because each one of us has boundaries that should be respected at all cost. For example, if your partner has certain things that tick them off, then the last thing you should do is going there when they feel angry, irritated or vulnerable. Pressing the wrong buttons can cause arguments which is the last thing you need in your relationship. Being considerate of your partner’s needs and expecting the same in return will surely help you create a relationship based on trust, respect and love.

Always be sure to give each other space

Sometimes, your partner will want to do something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest, such as go to a sports game or enjoy some time with their friends. Similarly, you’ll also want to do things that your partner doesn’t enjoy, and asking them to participate can only make them feel bored and pressured. Therefore, it’s important to give each other space, because frankly, going away for a weekend won’t do any harm to your relationship, but you’ll be able to reflect and have some fun by yourself or with your friends. Your partner should also do things without you because being together all the time isn’t always the recipe for a healthy relationship.

Don’t be afraid to experiment in the bedroom

Sex is an integral part of every relationship, so if there are any issues, they should always be addressed first, before they escalate into something more serious. Evading dealing with those issues can cause you or your partner to cheat which will eventually ruin your happiness. Catering to your partner’s sexual needs and clearly communicating your own will help you get more intimate and drawn to each other. Using various couples adult toys can spice things up in the bedroom, so if you ever feel like your sex life has gone a bit boring, don’t hesitate to discuss it frankly, and use certain aids to help you rekindle the passion. 

Doing fun things together is surely a great way to spend time

Vacationing together, going to the movies, trying new things — all of these are fun ways to learn something new and gain valuable experience that will further deepen your relationship. Still, before you decide to embark on a new adventure, make sure to opt for something that both of you will enjoy, as there is no point in doing something that only one of you likes. There are many fun things that will make you laugh and learn to rely on each other.

Building intimacy and trust take time, so don’t expect things to happen overnight. Talking to your partner and respecting them, but also expecting the same will surely help you create a relationship that will make you both happy and satisfied.
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