When asked to name the most popular beauty treatment today, almost every woman will raise their hands for microblading or eye tattoo. Microblading is an artistic work for creating eyebrows that look most natural and helps you look your very best. The procedure is safe and of high quality if done at some beauty clinic like Candid Cosmedics that has carved a name as a dependable place for undergoing medical grade cosmetic procedures.

On completing the procedure, you will get the eyebrows that you have always wanted and need not worry about maintaining it because it is a semi-permanent makeup that stays intact for 2-3 years, depending on how well your skin tolerates it.

Eyebrows for All in the Way they Want

Microblading is a piece of artistic creation that only a skilled and experienced tattoo artist can create for you. If you have scarce eyebrows and need fuller ones, regardless of your age, you can go for microblading and get it done in the way you want.

The artificial eyebrows are so much natural looking that even those who prefer the no-makeup looks will find it just meant for their purpose. Those who pluck eyebrows might see it thinning with time because plucked eyebrows do not always grow back, and aging is also a cause for it. Some sickness like alopecia or the side effects of chemotherapy can result in total loss of eyebrows. Microblading can create new eyebrows that look entirely natural.

The Procedure

When doing microblading, the tattoo artist uses a small pen-like tool that carries several motor-driven tiny needles that can rotate at high speed. The artist will create the eyebrows with hundreds of tiny strokes of the tool to develop a texture that resembles the natural hair of your eyebrows. The rotating needles create abrasions on the skin through which the pigments pass into the upper layer of the skin to create the eyebrows. Microblading artists might require a license for performing the procedure, depending on the state laws.

Microblading Aftercare

The procedure of microblading is like tattooing, and the aftercare regimen is also similar. Soon after the procedure, the pigment appears dark, and the skin remains reddish for some time. After two hours, wipe the area gently with a wet cotton swab soaked in sterilized water to remove any excess dye. Within a week or a fortnight, the skin will gradually become normal, and the pigment will fade to acquire its original color.

Keep the area moist as done above for 10 days after the procedure and keep the face dry during a shower. Avoid using makeup during this time to allow the pigments to settle and do not itch the eyebrow nor pick at scabs. Avoid going to the pool or sauna as well as excessive sweating until healing is complete, and it is time to go for the follow-up visit at the clinic. You can use any medicated cream or balm as directed by the tattoo artist.

Touching up the eyebrows at least once a year is a norm because adding pigments to the eyebrow outline prevents early fading.

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