Two of the most obvious sex-change operation are male to female and female to male. Both of them further have some subprocedures that are optional and depends upon the patient’s preference. If we talk about the male to female sex change surgery, two of the most famous procedures are penile skin inversion and sigmoid colon. Sensational glans clitoris, labiaplasty, and vaginoplasty are also part of the procedure. The cost of the male to female operation is also dependent on whether the patient wants a penetrable vagina or not. The aged people mostly go with a cheaper operation that does not allow sexual penetration.

How to select the best male to female sex reassignment procedure?

In the case of male to female surgery, the length of the existing genital (penis), determines the type of technique that we are preferable. If the length is greater than 15 cm when the penis is erect, penile skin inversion (PSI) is preferred, if the length is medium i.e. somewhere between 1 to 6 inches (5-15cm), penile skin inversion with scrotal skin graft is preferred. If the size is less than 5cm, penile skin inversion with sigmoid colon graft is used. If the vaginal dept is desired to be more than 8 inches, sex change surgery with sigmoid colon transposition is used.

What services are provided in Thailand for sex-change surgery?

Thailand being the country where the greatest number of sex surgeries are performed every year provides a number of benefits including, pick-up from the airport, transportation from the clinic to accommodation, and also for the follow-up sessions. Mobile service will also be provided for easy communication. Clinics like real time clinics also provide accommodation and touring services. Proper care will be provided to Polish individuals during their stay. The doctors themselves are very cooperative for foreign patients. You can return to your home country and carry on with daily activities depending upon the rate at which you heal.
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