There are several benefits of a typical PoS (Point of Sales) system for your business –especially in comparison to the conventional cash registers. If your business has been using ECR (Electronic Cash Register) even until now along with a credit card terminal, then at some point of time, you would consider upgrading to the dedicated PoS (Point of Sale) system for improved operations. There is no denying the fact that POS systems are easy to use as well as highly cost-effective to enhance the overall shopping experience of the end buyers.

By implementing a POS system in your business, you will encounter major benefits across all core areas –not only at the checkout. It is, therefore, high time that you should do away with the clunky cash registers while opting for the dedicated POS system to delivers its wide range of benefits. In this post, we are going to unravel some of the major benefits of Vital Select POS system for your retail business.

Vital Select Point of Sale and Its Benefits

Vital is an all-new brand delivering access to innovative payment products that are designed to help both small as well as medium-scale business enterprises run in an easier and efficient manner. The initial product offering of the brand is Vital POS –a fully-featured, cloud-based solution in the form of a Point of Sale system. Vital Sale POS is known to be made up of three basic components that are designed with varying functionalities for businesses of all scales and sizes. All these products or components are designed on the same back-office software delivering a single point of access across the entire range of products.

  • Vital Mobile: It is for mobile merchants who seek a fast, easy to set up, and affordable platform for payment acceptance. The product is known to run on the tablet or mobile phone of the business owner with the help of some inexpensive EMV card reader. 
  • Vital Plus: It is known to offer the ideal replacement for traditional countertop payment terminals as well as ECRs (Electronic Cash Registers). The product is aimed at serving its services for merchants who tend to be busier and looking for improved control as well as reporting in comparison to the existing terminals.
  • Vital Select: It helps in providing the business owners having one or more brick-and-mortar stores with the benefits of a powerful, feature-rich POS system. At the same time, the given solution also offers peripherals for addressing additional business requirements. Vital Select by Vital is known to include improved robust functionality in specific areas including inventory management, pricing, and discounts.

All the given products are known to feature specialized tools that help in freeing up the business owners to invest less time on the overall administration while focusing more on what they are passionate about their business. The back-office functionalities are known to offer specialized features including –inventory management, robust analytics, reporting, time clock, taxes, employee management, discounts, pricing, and so more. 

Benefits of Vital Select POS

Vital Select by Vital is known to provide you the necessary tools that you are required to understand the concepts of employee performance, inventory management, and business cycles such that you are able to make wise business-centric decisions. Some of the specific features of Vital Select POS are:

  • Powerful POS system
  • Delivering the overall ease of use
  • Split or combine held orders 
  • Sales or server associate assignments
  • Order-ahead features

Vital Select Point of Sale (POS) is known to provide your business with a reliable, easy-to-use tool package that allows you to be more efficient while running your business with improved efficiency. Some of the additional benefits that you can look forward to acquiring are:

  • Inventory Management –Obtain real-time data for better managing inventory expenses while maximizing sales and staying in stock.
  • Pricing & Discounts –The POS system allows you to quickly establish as well as manage price points as well as discount programs across multiple locations and products.
  • Tax Reporting and Taxes –You can look forward to setting up, tracking, and managing the overall taxes for accounting processes, and how they tend to appear at the given POS (point of sale).
  • Customer Payments –Using this system, you can easily accept all customer payments of various types for improving the overall cash flow & profitability.
  • Employee Management –The system also offers you the opportunity to track as well as manage time & attendance effectively while understanding staffing requirements and gaining maximum efficiencies. 
  • To maximize the overall benefits of using Vital Select POS (Point of Sale) system for your business, you can look forward to opting for additional accessories by Vital Select for optimum efficiency. Some of these are:
  • Pay At the Table: It serves to be a tabletop payment option for cafes and restaurants that allow you to make use of the contactless, swipe, and chip card readers. It also comes with the integrated receipt printer for additional comfort.
  • Stand-alone Printers: Even when you are using the built-in printers at your business space, you might wish to make use of an additional printer for various purposes including concierge printing, in-kitchen printing at your restaurant, and so more. 
  • Hand-held Bar Code Scanner: Along with the built-in register barcode scanner system that you make use of, you can consider using the optional handheld bar code models. These serve to be immensely useful for environments facing higher traffic.
  • Get Access to the Powerful Vital Back Office
  • The Vital Back Office for Vital Select is helpful in providing robust sales management, insight, and analytics tools. Here are some of its useful features:
  • Sales reporting on a daily, weekly, user-specific, location-centric, or register-specific basis
  • Features related to employee management like time clock reports, user permissions, and customized pay period management
  • Full capabilities for inventory management including cross-store inventory checking and tracking

Vital Select POS has been accredited as the Best Small Business Payments solution of the year 2019 by the FinTech Breakthrough Awards. Make the most of the advanced POS solutions by Vital Select for your retail business. 

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