Garmin, a multinational software company, was founded over 30 years ago. They have been a leader in GPS technology for automobile, marine and aviation maps. Today, Garmin is best known for making watches.

You can update Garmin software in a variety of ways. If you are looking to upgrade your Garmin software update or learn how you can check your current version, this guide will help you.

How to update your Garmin Software


For several reasons, it is crucial to ensure that you are using the most recent software version. First, the latest software version will ensure your device runs smoothly. You can also ensure that your device is up-to-date to receive all the latest tools.

Garmin's software updates for Garmin watches are different from other operating systems like Android and iOS. This means you'll receive different updates depending on your Garmin model.

How to check your current internet software version

It is easy to check your Garmin software version:

1.     Go to Settings on your Garmin device.

2.     Tap "About" to see your Unit ID (serial numbers) and the most recent Garmin software version.

You can search the internet by entering your device model and name. Then, check the results at the Garmin official website. Once you find it, you can compare the results with the version that you have on your device to determine if it is the most recent or if it needs to be downloaded.

Automated Software Updates


If you don't have a Garmin account yet, create one, download Garmin Connect and pair your device with your smartphone. Once you have connected your device to the Garmin Connect app your software should automatically be updated by default. This means that your Garmin device will automatically receive any new updates.

If you are unsure if this is enabled or accidentally disabled, you can follow these steps to get it back up.

1.     Go to "Settings."

2.     Tap "Start/stop".

3.     Tap "System".

4.     Tap "Software Update" at the bottom.

5.     It's on.

You have now set up automatic software updates. Now, any new software update that appears on your device will automatically be downloaded and sent to it. Your device will most likely restart after each update. It's normal, and it doesn't matter if you worry about it.

Manually Update Your Software


You can manually update your software by first disabling automatic software updates. This is because it is default.

After you have done this, follow these steps to manually upgrade your Garmin device's software:

1.     Go to "Settings."

2.     Tap "Start/stop"

3.     Tap "System."

4.     Click "Software Update"

5.     You will be able to see any new updates that are available here. The "Install Now" option will appear. This will also display the estimated time it will take to complete the update.

6.     Tap "Select."

You have now manually updated Garmin software. You will not see any updates if there are none. Garmin software updates are released periodically. Garmin recommends that you check your Garmin software update every 3-4 months to ensure you have the most recent version.

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