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Get Your Social Media in Order


What is Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is the process of using different tools in order to monitor what is being said about a company or a person on the internet. A company’s social media presents is of utmost importance. There can be times when a company is being misrepresented or slandered without the company being aware of it. Social listening and social media management are both similar to social media monitoring. Social media monitoring makes it possible for a company to to counteract any negative media that may have gotten out to the public. Apart from preventing negative media, social media monitoring also can help a company with its marketing and sales. When companies can monitor who is going on to their sites and what is being said about them, they are able to create targeted marketing strategies, and they are even able to be more innovative with their service or product in order to meet their client’s needs.


Netbase is a social analytics platform that is used by thousands of companies around the world. The NetBase platform monitors brands and business and it processes millions of different social media sites. The data that NetBase produces helps provide companies with the insight that they need in order to create actionable business models. Netbase works with customers from almost 100 different countries. Some of these companies include Coca-Cola, Cuisinart, Arby’s, LLoyds Bank and iHeart Media. NetBase has won numerous rewards because of its innovative platform; it is the market leader when it comes to social analytics.

Why You Need to Monitor your Social Media Platforms for Your Brand

It is highly possible that your customers are trying to connect with you and you just are not aware of it. It can be complex to keep up with all of your brand’s social media platforms. If you want to improve your brand’s customer relations, you have to respond quickly to your customers messages. When you have monitoring for your social media page, you have the tools that you need to quickly and efficiently connect with your customers. Customer service is the backbone of your brand. If you are not approachable and organized, you will lose valuable business. By having all of your messages monitored, you can engage your customers, and you can also reply to any comments that they make.

More Benefits of Social Media Analytics Monitoring

Your brand needs to take advantage of every opportunity that it has to engage with customers. Even if your brand is not specifically mentioned, you want to make sure that you are able to answer brand specific questions so that you can engage with future customers as well. A good social media monitoring company is able to monitor hashtag mentions, relevant keywords, or even common misspellings for your brand. In that way, all of the messages that you receive for your brand will be in one place. Social media analytics monitoring can mean life or death for your business. By leveraging the platform of a reliable company, you can take your business to the next level.