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So you have been playing with the idea of doing a Yoga Teacher training. That is amazing. All you need to do now is make a commitment to yourself and get started. Here are some great reasons why a Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect next step for you:

You’re ready for change.You sense that you are looking for something. Maybe you know exactly what. Maybe you are still struggling to find out. The journey of a Yoga Teacher training will open your eyes and you will not be the same person after you graduate. Trainings ignite change in a person’s life, and not always in ways you expect or anticipate.

You want to deepen your practice.You will gain significant understanding in your own practice and also in the practice of others. Let’s be real, you will not learn everything in just 200 hours, but you will be exposed to so many aspects of yoga that you did not expect.

You’re looking to make some of the best friends you’ve ever made. There is something about spending 200 intense hours with a group of likeminded yogis, sharing life lessons, struggles, learning together. Your YTT buddies will watch you grow and change and before you know it, they will become family.

You want to take it past the physical. Yoga is so much more than asana (poses) and you’re going to find out how and why.

You want to figure out how to feel better, be better, live better. A YogaTeacher training teaches you how to listen in a deep, intuitive way and you learn that the only one standing in your way to happiness and fulfillment is you.

You want to share yoga with others. The best way to share something is to learn how to teach it.

You want to learn about Ayurveda. (Trust me. You will want to learn all you can about this fascinating subject.

You want to understand where yoga came from. This is key. It’s hard to share a practice with such deep roots when you don’t understand where it came from and how it became what it is in the West.

You want to become a better partner. So much of leading a yoga class is clearly and simply explaining what you expect from your class. Imagine being able to do that during a heated moment with your life partner!

You want to figure out what it is that you have to offer the world. By truly listening during a teacher training, you will start to understand what it is that you are here to do. This isn’t something most people figure out in a lifetime … Which makes training a helpful tool to becoming wiser early on in life and reap the benefits for a long long time.

You want to learn more about how to live a life of balance. This is by far one of the most rewarding parts of a teacher training.

You’re ready to own your life. Do you blame things on others a lot? This won’t be as easy to do after you graduate. You hold the key to your own happiness and success.

You want to make an investment in the future of your whole self. Teacher trainings aren’t cheap but you will not regret the experience for a single second. You will grow, learn, evolve .. plus you will be able to teach a fabulous yoga class at the end of the training and earn that tuition right back!! That is exactly what Barbara and I did and we are still teaching, 15 years later !!

You want to fall in love with yourself and life. After you learn how hard you’ve been on yourself, you’ll also figure out how to love yourself.

You are looking for an amazing way to earn extra income. Teaching yoga is not only rewarding, it is also a great way to earn a good income.