Gift yourself and your loved ones an experience of a lifetime. A ticket to Bali – one of the most popular hubs of yin yoga, meditation and tourism, is all that it takes to get you to your desired destination and Zen Yoga Bali is the number one yoga school in Bali that invites you to participate in its yoga courses conducted.

Zen Yoga Bali – your one stop destination

Join this elite yin yoga teacher training in Bali – your one stop destination to yin yoga teacher training courses, yoga retreat programs, food and accommodation during your stay with free Wi- fi facilities, exciting excursions, lively kirtan nights and for all other requirements that you are looking for in an ideal yoga school.

Why choose Zen Yoga Bali

Best certified yoga faculty at Zen Yoga Bali

We are proud to present to the world the best and certified yin yoga teacher training in Bali who have years of experience in the different styles of yoga and lineages. Get the exclusive opportunity to receive their wealth of wisdom and in turn spread the same with passion and inspiration to the world.

A power-packed holistic remedy, yoga is an art that hails from the land of saints and wise men -India. Get inspired from our highly skilled gurus on the techniques of breath control and how to relax and handle the tough situations during performance of asanas while simultaneously also gaining awareness on how to avoid injuries during such time. In addition, a yoga class or yoga retreat will energise you with feelings of peace and rejuvenation. Our teachers highly recommend daily practice of yoga and meditation for our students to transform their lives.

Healthy Sattvic diet – a not-to-miss experience

Our yin yoga teacher training in Bali has a creative kitchen to delight the yogi’s palette as well as the stomach. “A healthy cuisine is the way to a healthy heart. ” With this belief in mind, we offer freshly prepared organic meals low in calories with surprisingly best results! Prepared with passion and care,this is another not-to-miss experience that you must witness in our yin yoga teacher training in Bali.

Favorable, peaceful environment

Zen Yoga Bali is surrounded by an environment enough to inspire the yogi’s mind, body and soul and encourage him to carry on his practice of yoga and meditation. Being located right in the heartland of Bali-Ubud, the yin yoga teacher training undoubtedly has something or the other in store for every yogi and practitioner be it a beginner, intermediate or advanced level yogi.

The essence of Bali

Apart from pristine beaches, pretty resorts, sea surfing and diving, the Balinese people and the essence of Bali are what make the entire escapade more than just a sun and fun episode during your vacation.

The locals of this petite “island of Gods” are known for their warmth and generosity as they greet visitors with a smile. They also have a great sense of humour. On spotting a bald tourist, exclamations of ‘bung ujan’ fill the air, meaning the rain for the day is cancelled. This according to them is a way of conveying that a bald head is similar to the clear sky!

The Location

Just one mention of the word “Bali” brings with it pictures of paradise beyond imagination. Bali is more than just a location- an inspiration, a mood , a blissful state of the mind, body and soul.

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