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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – Yoga School India

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Peace, harmony and rejuvenation. Yoga is a term associated with these three terms and if you so desire to achieve these and discover a new you, then yoga is the key to it all. And to add to it, you can even teach this brilliant subject to others and become a respectable yoga teacher through a yoga ttc program. In fact you are just a few steps away from the best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh aimed to create not just yogis but future yoga teachers too. Indeed, the best Rishikesh yoga school awaits you in India. So book your flight, enrol under a Rishikesh yoga school and get ready for a divine yogic journey to India!

Yoga – the journey of self

As quoted by the sacred Hindu Text – “the Bhagwad Gita”, –
“Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” “Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
The term “yoga” as most of us think is not just limited to a form of exercising, physical postures or “asanas.” It is not a religion either as most of us are mistaken.
In reality, yoga is a process. It is a process that lets us uncover that which is stopping us from knowing who we really are from within i.e our true self or our identity. Thus this great art form lets us clarify our minds so as to enable us to realize and perceive ourselves, others around us and the world at large, in a distinct way. So, yoga is a science. Rishikesh Yoga teacher training programs will show you this divine path to join.

Yoga – a discipline

Self-discipline and self-awareness, these are the outcomes of the practice of yoga as a discipline.

The Patanjali Yogasutra mentions “tapas” as a self-discipline. It means the urge to learn and the the readiness to work. If you see in your daily life also self-discipline has a practical applicability. For eg. being more result-oriented at your daily tasks, fostering better interpersonal relationships, anger control, following a more healthy diet pattern, rising early in the morning, respect for others and self and so on. In yoga, the term “self-discipline” is that  commitment towards such practices that will improve both the physical and mental well-being in entirety. Come to Rishikesh and join the best Rishikesh yoga school here to introduce and inculcate yoga as a form of self-discipline in your life. A standard yoga school such as Himalayan Yoga Association – an elite Rishikesh yoga school in Rishikesh follows a standard daily regimen to get students accustomed to the yogic way of life. To know more about this school, enroll for a Yoga alliance certified Yoga ttc conducted by this school and come to Rishikesh to begin your divine yogic journey.

Thus, a yoga ttc recognized by Yoga Alliance will simply provide you a life changing experience to learn and share with others along with a professional qualification as a certified yoga teacher.