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Yoga course Rishikesh 200 Hour, 300 Hour

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 “Yesterday was history, tomorrow is mystery , today is a gift!”

Learn the value of the present and how to live in and with the present through the ever empowering yoga course Rishikesh 200 hour,300 hour,500 hour program. The beautiful yoga hub of Rishikesh invites all yogis to a refreshing realm where nature, tranquility and divinity all synchronise perfectly to manifest the ideal zen zone sought after by them.

Yoga and living in the present

The subject of yoga emphasizes on “surrendering oneself to the present.” So what is more important is not the past nor the future which one must let go, rather it is the “here and now” that matter. The practice of yoga creates an awareness of the self – the body, mind and breath. The various yoga postures or asanas, the breathing techniques or pranayama and regular meditation are the means to keep the mind tuned within a focussed channel and right in the present moment. The mind is a seat of thoughts and is constantly occupied with them. This may also trigger increased anxiety and stress . Focusing on one’s breath calms down thoughts and  brings back the mind to the present and lets it free from anxiety and stress. To experience it closer, a professional yoga course Rishikesh 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour is the eye-opener.

Yoga and Rishikesh

The holy town of Rishikesh is very balanced in terms of its natural environment, yogic history and spirituality. These key aspects are more than sufficient to foster and facilitate the process of learning and practice of an ancient art and science that originated in this great land . And to unravel this ancient subject which is both an art and science and referred commonly to as ‘yoga,’ a visit to its birthplace itself is a must. There are innumerable providers of yoga education located in Rishikesh to enlighten you on the same through their yoga course Rishikesh 200 hour, 300 hour,500 hour program.

Is yoga trending?

The subject of yoga as in the current scenario has increasingly become a worldwide favourite .  Yoga is ancient, yet trending! In today’s era of internet  and social media – Facebook, Instagram , Twitter, or Youtube are seen flooded with this trending topic often endorsed by celebrities, influencers or even the commoners. Yoga apparels , yoga literature, yoga props etc have also captured a good attention of the market with increased business avenues. On account of its increasing demand , and lucrative opportunities along with its association to health and well-being, the subject of yoga has captured immense footage with more than many yoga lovers wanting to convert their passion to profession and evolving into teachers!

Yoga and teaching yoga

Yoga is an art and teaching yoga is yet another art as apart from the know-how aspect, it takes the right skillset, mindset and tact to be on the same page as with the students. Teaching yoga demands an indepth comprehension of the various physical postures , getting the techniques of breathing right, ensuring safety of students when they are trying out asanas and informing them of the same,and customising their way of teaching or using individualized approach of teaching.

What it takes to become a yoga teacher

A Yoga Alliance certified teacher training yoga course Rishikesh 200 hour,300 hour,500 hour, is all you need to become a competent yoga teacher ready to teach the world. The length of the programs may accordingly vary as well as their intensity while their content will include yoga philosophy, anatomy, asanas, breathing techniques and teaching methodology plus more other such topics.

Scope after yoga teacher training course

The scope offered by a yoga teacher training program is varied. Post completion of your chosen yoga course Rishikesh 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour , you have a wide scope in terms of a teaching job or as a yogapreneur while opening your own studio . You may find yourself a position as an instructor in a community center or gym . As a teacher in the yogic field, you may even focus on a particular area of specialisation such as Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga or Kundalini yoga.

The three levels of yoga teacher training

Are you a complete newbee or an advanced level practitioner in the yogic field? Here are the three levels of yoga teacher training programs prescribed by Yoga Alliance that you need to know:

1 . 200 hour yoga teacher training.

It covers the foundational aspects of the subject for a clear understanding of what it is all about and contains essential information on yoga philosophy, teaching methodology etc. As per the name, it entails a duration of 200 hours and upon passing the course, you are allowed to apply to Yoga Alliance for the status of registered yoga teacher (RYT 200).

2. 300 hour yoga teacher training.

Higher in the hierarchy, the next level advances to a duration of 300 hours taking the basic level to a bigger turn with more on yoga philosophy and the other aspects. The program demands a completion of the first level of 200 hours yoga teacher training in order to be eligible of this level.

3. 500 hour yoga teacher training.

The highest in the hierarchy, with a duration of 500 hours, this level is meant for the advanced practitioners who long to look at the bigger picture and gain more practice of it on a more challenging level. A prior qualification in the other two levels of 200 and 300 hour program is a prerequisite to qualify for this level.

In addition to yoga course Rishikesh 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour programs, there are other programs as well that specialise on certain areas such as therapy yoga, yoga for seniors, or prenatal yoga and so on. Such courses may be undertaken as an add-on or even instead of the 200 hour yoga teacher training as per the interests, inclination and objectives that the individual aspirant has set for himself.

Residential yoga course 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour

The residential yoga course 200 hour, 300 hour, 500 hour such as that conducted by Himalayan Yoga Association is meant to let the participant into an immersive yogic journey while staying on-site and include a disciplined daily regimen to be followed keeping in mind the yogic lifestyle such as proper sleep and waking time, abstaining from non vegetarian diet or alcohol and instead consuming healthy ayurvedic meals, following cleansing practices and meditating daily, and so on.