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If I were to ask you what the purpose of Yoga is, what will come to mind? Do you think about stretching a lot or getting stronger? Or maybe you don’t really see the point in it?
Whatever you think or have ideas, the usefulness of Yoga is very extensive and we will explain more about this in this blog. For example, you will find out:
  • Where the origin of Yoga lies
  • How breathing is connected with Yoga
  • How Yoga helps you to find peace
  • Why Yoga provides more space in your body
Are you ready for it?

What is Yoga

Yoga cannot really be explained in a sentence, because Yoga includes a lot. The word Yoga means ‘connect’. It is an old Sanskrit word. Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language and Yoga originated in India. We connect the body and mind by breathing. Breathing is your most important tool within Yoga.

The respiration

Your breathing tells a lot about how you feel and at the same time you can influence this with your breathing. Because when you are stressed, your breathing will be high and go very quickly . When you feel relaxed, your breathing will be low and slower. Yoga helps you learn how to breathe properly, so that you can apply it in every situation. In a Yoga class you learn to breathe deeply in your stomach.
This is a slow, calm breath that will calm your nervous system, body and mind. This way you can release some tension. Nowadays we experience more and more stress and pressure and it seems that we have come to think that is normal. By having a deep belly breathing, we can create moments of rest for ourselves during a (busy) day. When our breathing flows in and out calmly, our thoughts will also come along quietly. Breathing and mind are connected. The calmer the breathing, the calmer the mind.


In a Yoga class a lot of attention is paid to meditation . And a meditation does not always have to be in lotus position. More strongly needed, meditation can be done in many different ways, so that one will always suit you. In a meditation it is also not about being completely silent inside, without thoughts. During a meditation you want to observe what goes through you, from a distance.
Thoughts will always come and go, but you don’t have to go along with it. You have the choice to listen to a thought. Through this insight, you can create more peace for yourself. Now you don’t have to sit or lie in a meditation position for 30 minutes every day, but 5 minutes a day can be a good start.
We are often busy all day and go from hot to her. It can then be very nice to free up at least 5 minutes for yourself in the morning or in the evening . To be quiet and build in rest for yourself. It works really well to focus on your breathing during those 5 minutes. You then follow each inhalation and exhalation for 5 minutes. And if your attention wanders, just bring it back as soon as you notice it. This is how you train your mind to focus, because because of everything we have to do nowadays, our focus is sometimes very scattered.

The usefulness of Yoga for the body

Because we spend a lot of time at work or in private life, more and more physical complaints arise. These complaints are sometimes vague and finding the right treatment is difficult. Poor work or sitting posture is often still underestimated. With Yoga you work very consciously on a correct posture, sitting and standing. You learn to use muscles that you may never have used before.
During a lesson there is a lot of attention to place your body in the right way. And the more often you do this, the more you get used to it and the more you apply it in your daily life. During a Yoga class you are not only building strength but also stretching a lot . You make space in your body and your muscles can relax more and more. And more relaxation in the body helps to reduce physical complaints. So you see, there are many benefits of Yoga ! And this is just the beginning!
I hope this blog has helped you and that you are convinced of the usefulness of yoga!