Camping is a great way to spend a vacation and add some adventure to your life. You can have a memorable time with your family and friends in camps in Dhanaulti. Especially during hot scorching summer days, people look for some cold place to spend their vacation. There are many camping locations in India and of them, all Dhanaulti is one of the most scenic places to visit. You can go for camping in Dhanaulti and experience the divine beauty of nature by being closest to it.

However, if you are going camping for the first time you are lacking the knowledge of things to pack. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on camps and other essentials just book one of the camps in Dhanaulti. They will provide you required things for camping you only need to carry some list of essentials mentioned below:


You must carry the necessary medicine for headache, nausea, and fever. If you are traveling with kids, you must carry basic required medicines with you. Also, if you are suffering from any disease and are on proper medication then don’t forget to carry them with you. Moreover, do carry mosquito repellent as these areas are prone to bugs and mosquitos at night. While camping you can indulge in some adventure sports too including zip lining, rock climbing, rappelling and much more. Therefore, you must carry a crepe bandage and ant-sprain spray, if any mishap happens. Keep in mind to carry all these things especially your personal medicines as they might be a possibility of lack of medicines stores around the campsites.

Clothing and footwear

Dhanaulti is a place of colder weather as it is located 7500ft of height. Generally, the temperature in Dhanaulti during summer is around 20 to 25° C and during winter it is somewhere between 7°C to -1° C.  Therefore, if you guys are going for camps in Dhanaulti during summer pack thin clothes and a sweatshirt for the night. Else, during winter pack as warmer clothes as you can to save yourself from the cold and shivery weather. Take clothes with you as per the days of stay no need to pack plenty of them to avoid overloading. Additionally, carry raincoat if you visit during the rainy season.


Power is not usually a problem as most camping sites have their own lighting system. But, to be on the safer side do carry a torch or other sources of the flashlight. As camps in Dhanaulti are covered with forest and wildlife areas so you will require a torch in case of any emergency. Also, if you want to explore the forest during the evening you will necessarily need flashlights with you. Prefer to bring a torch with non-rechargeable batteries when going camping.

Sunglasses and other accessories

Don’t forget to carry necessary accessories such as sunglasses and caps for protecting yourself from heat during the daytime. When you will go for camping in Dhanaulti, you can go for jungle safari or sightseeing then you will be needing these accessories for protection against UV rays. Also, you can pack sunscreen lotion with you for preventing your skin from getting tanned or rashes under the sun. Do carry these things especially, if you are going with kids.

In Final Words

Most camps in Dhanaulti provide you with all the necessary items you require while camping. However, you need to carry these personal belongings to the camping sites. You can even inquire the camp guides about the arrangement before leaving so you can pack all the items you may require on your trip.

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