Have you ever been questioned about ‘why go camping for different reasons?’  And the reasons could be more than one! Some just want to disconnect from the clutches of technology and connect back with the beauty and goodness of nature! Some others wish to spend more quality time with their families and increase their bonding together and again some long to get away from any distractions and get into the realm of tranquility. Young people are keen on learning how to build fire, do compass reading or about pitching up a tent.  Thus camping serves different purposes for different people, be it young or old.

So let yourself be a happy wanderer , let the country roads take you to a ‘home away from home’, to a destination you would love to connect with – Kanatal , the ideal spot for the ideal vacation.

Why camp in Kanatal?

In the state of Uttarakhand, at a proximity of 320 km from Delhi, lies the petite village of Kanatal – a paradise for campers to spend those lovely moments in nature’s deep embrace and experience its best untarnished form. Inviting and luring enough, the camps in Kanatal will keep you engrossed and make your fantasies of a dream vacation come true. They are an absolute delight for those who love to venture out in the open and who simply long to bask under the sun and below the open blue sky.  So indeed Kanatal is a great choice for the holiday goers and backpackers.

Best camp in Kanatal – Camp Little Jaguar 

Kanatal presents you the most excitement packed camp that you can look forward to this vacation- Camp Little Jaguar. From a range of activities to keep your adrenalin rush going be it adventure sports, camping away happily on the hills or exploring the steep mountainous curves, Camp Little Jaguar is by far the most promising camps in Kanatal that you must not miss . Well equipped with 15 luxury camps , the lovely Little Jaguar Camps provide power back up facilities as well and customer-friendly staff to ensure a worthwhile staycation for their valued visitors.

Tip for camping in Kanatal 

Best time of the year to visit Kanatal: Between December to January.
Unsuitable time for Kanatal visit: Monsoons. Avoid this time of the year for a visit to Kanatal as it may be dangerous due to landslides and poor weather.

Camping – A Tradition

There are certain interesting and thrilling activities which have been a trend  passed on from the generations. Camping is just one such activity that continues to gain popularity and significance on account of its innumerable reasons. For more that a century, camping has been an age-old activity and those visitors who once upon a time went camping when they were kids now continue the same as they turn into parents and grandparents! So how about you? Wouldn’t you be interested to pass on this convention? Then pack your bags and head towards the mountains of Kanatal to live the story you can narrate to your peers, children and grandchildren !

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