Irrespective of your, age, gender or financial status, there is a probability that you have wondered whether vaping is a good or bad health decision. In fact, you are probably here because you want to know the effect vaping has on overall mental health. There are a few conflicting ideas on this difficult issue. However, recent studies about mental health suggest that the effect that vaping has on the mental health of the user is negative.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the effect vaping has on mental health.

Does Vaping Have a Negative Effect on Mental Health?

One of the areas of the brain that is affected by vaping is the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling impulses. This is especially true for young people whose brains are still undergoing development. The interesting part is that the effect remains negative even if you do not vape with nicotine. This negative effect can result in permanent negative changes of the area of the human brain that stores or recalls memories; and chronic mood disorders in the long run. The area of the brain that is responsible for thinking critically and the management of emotions may also be affected by vaping.

Smoking and Vaping: Which is Worse?

Several pieces of research that are either funded on a federal or private level indicate that e-cigs also contain the dangerous chemicals that traditional cigarettes have. The challenge comes from the change in state of these chemicals from liquid to gas when heat is applied. For instance, propylene glycol is not a harmful chemical, however, when the heat is applied to it, it changes to formaldehyde gas. The latter is harm to the body. Click this link to find more vaping device options.

This research also suggest that these harmful gaseous chemicals may also lead to cancer in the long run if consumed. If any metal fragments break off the coil as the user inhales, some fragments of dangerous particles will also be inhaled by the user.

The other downside is that people who inhale the second-hand gas of vaping are also exposed to the same risks as those that use vaping devices. Hence, although smoking is worse, vaping is not good either.

Negative Effects of Vaping on Mental Health

Here are two major effects of vaping on mental health:

  • Addiction: One of the common negative effects of nicotine is that it is psychoactive. This means that it leaves users with an urge to consume more. The more nicotine you absorb in your body, the greater your chances of being addicted. People who decide to stop consuming nicotine after being addicted often go through nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
  • Disrupting the development of the brain: As stated earlier, young people that are still undergoing several stages of brain development can be negatively affected by vape gases. This negative effect is applicable to people who vape without or with nicotine.

In conclusion, as most studies suggest, the negative effects of vaping on mental health are not always immediate. This means that the symptoms of these effects will only be seen in the long run.

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