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Best Beaches in Bali You Won’t Want to Miss

Bali is one of the most magical places on Earth. It enjoys an almost angelic nature that has drawn in travellers from all around the world. Aside from its rich history and sacred temples, Bali also draws people in for its beautiful mesmerizing beaches. Before you plan your adventure to Bali though, you’ll need to know exactly what you should expect and where you should go. Here are tips for finding the best beaches in Bali.

1. Amed Beach

The beautiful scenery of Bali doesn’t stop at land level, it stretches right out into the sea. The beauty of the sea and life below can also be experienced easily if you take a dip with your snorkel. Amed Beach is by far one of the best beaches for diving or snorkeling. You’ll also get to catch a glimpse of some vibrant coral reefs.
If you’re not really into exploring the waters on your own, you can always enjoy the beauty of the sea on a tourist boat excursion. On the other hand, if you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to dive into the unknown and explore everything it has to offer. It really is a whole other world under the sea.  You can also visit the Blue Lagoon if you want to see the best of Bali’s sea life.

2. Sundays Beach Club

Not all countries have solved the question of stray dogs freely roaming around. Don’t be surprised if you encounter some stray dogs when you’re just trying to chill somewhere on a beach in Bali. There are a number of shelters and rescue homes on the island, but this is still a big problem here. In other words, you’ll see a lot of stray pups in the streets and beaches alike.
If you want to avoid any strays, you could always chill at Sundays Beach Club in the safety of the VIP lounging.
Stray dogs are generally not aggressive and are used to people, but you still don’t have the obligation to pet them all. Just because a dog seems nice doesn’t mean they won’t bite you if you pet them the wrong way. The best way to approach this issue is with common sense. Don’t be afraid of the dogs, but don’t be disappointed if they don’t want to be friends either.

3. Balangan and Bingin Beach

If you like water sports and surfing, in particular, you’ll simply adore Bali. Huge waves and clear water are bringing surfers from all around the world to the beaches of Bali, and it might just be the thing to make you fall in love with Bali, too.
Balangan Beach or Bingin Beach are your go-tos for some awesome surf fun.
Don’t be scared to try surfing even if you haven’t done it before. The massive swell is a challenge for pros, but an opportunity for beginners. There are a lot of surf schools around the island where you can safely get introduced to the water and enjoy your vacation on a whole new level.

4. Nusa Dua Beach

Beaches aren’t just a place to lay back and sunbathe any longer. In Bali, you’ll also find a lot of art performances on the beaches. Some of the art performances include drama, tattoo art, painting, puppets, dancing, hair braid art, and many others.
Don’t be afraid to interact with the artists and make new memories on the beach. This is interesting for couples and solo travellers as much as it is for families. You and your kids will have the best time at Nusa Dua Beach.
You’ll also get to participate in a lot of interesting water games. Of course, for this, you may need to choose a specific beach. Some beaches let you choose between boat games, swimming, and snorkeling. Others offer many interesting attractions and even have speed boats for rent. You could also find amazing diving spots. Suluban beach is perfect for secret swims while Keramas Beach offers the most opportunities for some fun in the water.
If you like adventure and thrill, definitely don’t miss out on all that Bali can do for you. As well as that, make sure that you’re safe. Some of these water games and activities require training (that you can get on the island)

5. Petitenget Beach

Petitenget Beach is by far the best choice for those who are planning any events that involve photos while they’re in Bali.
This beach is quiet and wide, usually visited by locals, more than tourists. No matter how big of a fan you are of the sun and the sand, you’re going to have a lot of fun and an overall amazing time with family here.
It is all about the scenery and ambience, and this beach is the perfect combination of both. Therefore, expect amazing photographs from this place.

6. Thomas Beach

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds and escape hawkers, head straight to Thomas Beach. It’s secluded and perfect for walking and sunbathing.
Even the quietest beaches across Bali will see some beach hawkers. There will be at least a couple of women trying to sell you drinks, bracelets, sarongs, or massages. Don’t feel guilty about saying “no.” These people use the power of words and guilt-tripping to get you to buy what they’re selling. Even if they start the sale with a conversation, know that their end goal is to make some money off you.
This can all be a bit overwhelming, especially since it doesn’t stop with just one seller. You don’t have to be rude about saying no, but know that you also don’t have to give in to the pressure of buying anything you don’t want.


One thing that people don’t realize is that the flags on Bali beaches actually mean business. On some other beaches in the world, the flags and their colours don’t mean much. In Bali though, they should be obeyed. A lot of wildlife lives there and the weather isn’t always stable, so for your own safety, you should definitely pay attention to the flags.
In some cases, if the weather conditions are too extreme, weddings may even be postponed or moved indoors. If you’re thinking of having a huge event on a Bali beach, such as a wedding, definitely have a backup plan in case the flags inform you it’s not safe.
Now you know exactly what to expect and how to behave on Bali beaches, which will further ensure you have the time of your life.