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How To Become A Certified Yoga Teacher Training

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The fitness industry has experienced an expansion in the past couple of years due to the Pandemic. Everybody has become more conscious of their surroundings, food habits, workout patterns, and more. This has pushed people in the fitness industry to pursue something beyond their comfort level to match up with the competition and knowledge that is being distributed around. People have begun to check the eligibility levels of fitness instructors and yoga practitioners around the world with their level of experience. In the year 2022, fitness has become one of the most competitive fields.  

Yoga as a fitness practice has also become popular in recent years due to the Pandemic and its after-effects of it. Ayurveda practitioners who were not considered a proper form of medication or wellness started to get recognised again. People had become desperate to find quick remedies to increase immunity and their overall wellness. Old-age yoga practitioners started getting attention because people wanted to know physical movements to help their health. Taking time out for their physical bodies became a routine for people and the importance of mental health also increased during this time.  

The situation gave birth to possibilities for people. At the same time, the situation gave motivation to people to go ahead and pursue what they could not before as the realisation occurred to people on the concept of how small and unpredictable life is.’ Here is where the desire of becoming a yoga teacher is born for personal and professional purposes.  

If you wish to become a certified yoga teacher in the year 2022, you need to understand that people around have not only faced physical trauma in the last couple of years, but they have also endured mental trauma at the same time. With physical trauma, mental trauma is also stored in our physical body and the whole concept of Yoga is based on working on your mental body to improve your physical body.  

First of all, it is important to find the right school to finish your yoga teacher training. The questions you should be asking are:  

  • How experienced are the teachers at the school you wish to pursue your teacher training?
  • Do they focus on the spiritual growth of the student as well as the physical and mental growth?
  • Are there any books recommended by the teachers who are teaching at these schools?
  • Is the school recognised through an organisation like Yoga Alliance or the Ayush ministry? 
  • How are the hours divided for different courses that you wish to pursue?

After recognising the school, you must find your collective footing for any one subject/practice of yoga. As there are thousands of certified yoga teachers out there pursuing the field for a longer period. What is it that makes you different from the others is the most important question you need to find the answer to during your time of learning at yoga school. Mastering one subject is the beginning of becoming a valued yoga teacher and then expanding your horizon further is what will get you recognised.