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Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

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Yoga school in Goa

A true paradise for travellers, Goa is a melting pot that attracts yogis and travellers from all over the world.
Follow the divine path of love, peace, joy, faith, focus, practice, experience, trust, purity, devotion, celebration, transformation, grace, bliss, truth , meditation and oneness with the VHH Yoga family in the tropical paradise of Goa. VHH Yoga is accredited under the Yoga Alliance that grants an authorised certificate recognised globally upon successful graduation from the course. We conduct courses on 100 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, 200 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, 300 hour yoga teacher training in Goa, 500 hour yoga teacher training course in Goa. We ensure that our courses are compliant with the standards and guidelines set by Yoga Alliance.
Our yoga students are trained to evolve into confident, experienced and passionate yoga teachers on the international front.

Family-like environment of our yoga teacher training school in Goa

Our yoga teacher training school in Goa aims to attract the adventurer and traveller in you, while simultaneously letting you feel safeguarded in a secure environment and providing the comfort that you get in your home by including comfortable accommodation, Wi-Fi access, healthy vegetarian diet suited to yogic lifestyle, and family-like environment in our premises that will certainly appeal to you.

What we specialise in

We specialise in the authentic and traditional form of yoga which have been in practice for more than a decade in India and we aim to pass on these amazing ancient techniques to the world in the same form.

What we encourage

Sharing and caring is what we encourage at our yoga teacher training school in Goa. We feel a great sense of achievement when we hear about our graduates spreading this message to their future students and what they have learnt from our program during their stay. We love to hear that we have played a contributory role towards the world through the passion and understanding imbibed by our graduates which in turn is passed on to the world at large.
There are innumerable techniques of yoga that one can practice, individualism being the key ingredient contributing to the effectiveness of the practice. VHH Yoga is well equipped with the traditional knowledge of yoga and we enlighten our students on the path to practically apply the same.

What we believe in

At our yoga teacher training school in Goa, students are on our priority list. We focus on their needs and experience during their stay with us here. We believe in providing an authentic participation of students in our programs which will not only transform their lives personally but professionally as well. We understand that concepts can be strengthened through more personal practice in the preparation to become knowledgeable and confident yoga gurus. We let our students rise and shine in their field of yoga while enabling them to share and impart the subject knowledge back home with their future students in turn.